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1. You fill out this cute little form with info so I can get a good understanding of your plans!

2. I get back to you within the hour (unless I'm at a wedding! Or it's like 4am or something.)

3. We get to know each other via email, text, phone, or facetime - whichever makes you the most comfortable.

4. You book your date with a 30% retainer fee and signed contract.

5. I photo-ninja your wedding day. Moments, details, portraits, more moments... literally everything.

6. You receive your photos in under 4 weeks! I don't just let them sit there.


I accept you. I proudly support the LGBTQ+ community and welcome all couples.

Well, unless you're a couple that's against the LGBTQ+ community... then I don't think we'll vibe very well, cause, ya know, I'm gay.


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P: 850.624.7013