Well... you asked for it. This is me.



I'm the one everyone turns and looks at when Britney Spears comes on... 😅 and I'd receive the 'most entertaining snapchat story' superlative if I were still in high school (mostly because I think I'm a pop star when I get drunk.)

↓↓ click for PROOF ↓↓


Seeeeee I wasn't lying 😅 I've put my most vulnerable self out there as my first impression - you can too. This is a no judgement zone. You can talk to me like any other person, not just a stuffy wedding vendor.


As a human being:

I value equality for all, it is simply the most basic human right we all deserve. We're all stuck on this little planet so we may as well get over ourselves and look at each other with love right?

I see high value in diversity, nurturing your mental health, and dancing - especially when it's combined with late nights (as if you couldn't tell already lol).

I'm obsessed with music videos and pop music, singing (I suck sooo bad), and the Santa Monica Peir because I'm still very much a child at heart.

I'm an ex-gymnast that's getting clumsier by the day and I'm a boyfriend that prefers laughing my ass off doing nothing vs. a boring formal dinner.


As a wedding photographer:

Working with me involves lotssss of exclamation points and a non-controlling approach to wedding photography.

I will never pressure you guys into typical wedding trends or tell you to be something you're not (those horrible wedding blogs already put enough pressure on you guys).

I will value you two as YOU are, no matter what.

What I WILL urge you to do is to have fun - because omg obviously smiling is just so much better than not.

If all of that sounds like a good vibe for relaxed and beautiful wedding photos, click this button below:


OTHER shenanigans: